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Coastline of the city of Agadir, Morocco.
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Many people say that Agadir is different from any other places in Morocco, with its gorgeous beach resort and busy port. In fact, it is Morocco’s premier destination for people who love the sun, sand, and the hustle and bustle of busy market streets.


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It is located just near the foot of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, and is inhabited by 609,088 people as of 2013. Among the things to do and the places to visit here include:

City Centre

Agadir’s city centre composes of large and dynamic avenues and boulevards, such as the Mohammed V and Hassn II boulevards and the General Kettani, Moulay Adbellah, and Mohammed VI avenues.


The seaside area of Agadir is a favourite of tourists. It has gorgeous areas that boast of numerous hotels, cafes, restaurants, and residential areas. The city also has a promenade that stretches up to 5km long.


If you are searching for museums and gardens, then the New Talborjt is the place to be. You can also find great restaurants and hotels on this avenue.


There are several ports present in the city of Agadir, and two of these are fishing ports, there is also a trading port, and the rest are for leisure boats. The commercial port here is famous for its exports, which include manganese, zinc, cobalt, and many others.

Agadir is definitely a place to go for a relaxing holiday. Whether you want to relax by the beach or walk down the avenues and chill for the day, the city can definitely cater to your needs. What could be more fulfilling than that?