Kavos Holidays, Corfu

If there is a place in Greece that has endeared itself to young holidaymakers, it has to be Kavos. This seaside village in Corfu has so much to offer young travellers who are looking to really have a good time. The main part of the long strip, which runs parallel to the coastline, is filled with bars, clubs, shops, hotels, apartments and restaurants. There are also a few bars along the coastline.


Our Featured Hotels

Konstantina Apartments 

Located only 50 metres from the beach perfect for a goodnights sleep but still close enough to the lively nightlife.

7 nights, 2 adults from only £279

Elena’s Garden Apartments 

Located near the beaches of Kavos and Arkoudilas as well as the Lefkimmi Port.

7 nights, 2 adults from only £178



What else is there to suggest doing in Kavos than to go crazy! Go on an adventure while you’re still young and have the energy to be carefree.

Visit the bars

Depending on how long you’re staying, you might want to try a few different bars each night you go out. There’s the Buzz Bar which is right at the centre of the main strip. Here, the party doesn’t stop as dance beats keep blaring and the party even extends itself onto the street.

The Rolling Stone is also a good one if you enjoy strong cocktails. You can head to the front to party to dance tunes or you can choose to go back where the best of indie and rock are played out.

Then there’s Scorers, which is a sports bar. So, if you want to catch up with any sporting events, this is the place you can go to. It starts serving at 11 am until the night.

Go on a crazy adventure

Have you ever heard of a Booze Cruise? Well, it’s a boat party that you probably don’t want to miss. You’ll spend an entire day out at sea where you will get to taste delicious Greek food and drink champagne. The boat also docks on a beach where you play games and have a party.

Other crazy adventures you can try are going on a speedboat trip where you get out to sea and snorkel, drink champagne and have loads of fun. Or, you can engage in various water sports such as water skiing and parasailing.

If your idea of a holiday is to party all night and to go out on crazy journeys, Kavos is definitely the place for you.