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Larnaca can be considered a gateway to other cities and towns in Cyprus, as it is where Larnaca International Airport is located. As the largest airport serving traditional scheduled airlines, it is where tourists flock, either to explore the city itself or the neighbouring areas.


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But why go anywhere else before you check out the sights and sounds of Larnaca? After all, it claims to be the oldest city in Cyprus, and for good reason. Apart from the evidence of human settlement 6000 years ago, history has also left marvellous landmarks that make Larnaca, Cyprus a great tourist destination.

There’s the Ancient Kition, also known as Citium, which has been around since 800 BC. It was first established by the Greeks and then re-established by the Phoenicians. Larnaca Fort, on the other hand, was built between 1382 and 1398 to protect the harbour. Other historical landmarks you’ll find in Larnaca are the Hala Sultan Tekke (Grand Mosque), Europe Square, Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement, Church of Saint Lazarus, and Stavrovouni Monastery, just to name a few.

If you move closer to coastal towns, this is where you’ll find the modern side of Larnaca, as shown by hotels and restaurants sprawled along the beach. Know though that grabbing a bite in this side of Cyprus can be quite expensive. The good news is you can get fish and chips for a price lower than the fast food restaurants offer.

Whether you’re holidaying to learn more about the city’s history or to simply take a dip in the sea, Larnaca in Cyprus can cater to your idea of a tropical getaway. It also offers hotels and apartments by the seaside to cater to your accommodation needs.