Playa del Ingles Holidays, Gran Canaria

Playa Del Ingles beach And Maspalomas dunes, Gran Canaria, Spain
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Playa del Ingles translates to “Englishman’s Beach”, and up to this date, it has lived to its name. However, it is not only the Englishmen who find this place a great holiday destination, as tourists from all parts of the world come here to enjoy their escape.


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IFA Continental Hotel

Located near the centre of Playa del Ingles, just minutes away from Playa del Ingles beach and leisure centres.

7 nights, 2 adults from only £547

IFA Buenaventura Hotel

Situated in a lively strip near the town centre, just a few minutes away from the beach and leisure facilities.

7 nights, 2 adults from only £503


Playa del Ingles on Gran Canaria island is a popular tourist destination, with its long beach that is also connected to other beach towns, such as Maspalomas and San Agustin. Its weather is perfect for sun-worshippers, as it enjoys the sun all year round. In fact, it is one of the most visited beaches in the island of Gran Canaria and is enjoyed all types of people including running enthusiasts, surfers, beach workers, and families. Apart from the gorgeous sand dunes, Playa del Ingles is also equipped with a diversity of shops and amenities surrounding the beach.

Perhaps you wouldn’t expect this from a beach town that has a population of 17,158 people (2002 data). It still relies on agriculture for its economy but the increasing number of visitors has helped boost the wealth of the region.

Hotels and accommodation options range from luxurious Arabic-style to gorgeous suites with gardens and thermal pools, there’s a choice for everyone.

Food here is great as well. With the many restaurants and hotels offering sumptuous meals every day, you will surely enjoy your stay here with your friends and family.