Sharks Bay Holidays, Sharm El Sheikh

Tropical beach at sharks bay Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt.
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Shark’s Bay is what they call the beautiful cove. Just a few miles from Sharm el-Sheik this holiday destination is one of the most popular destinations in Egypt. It’s mainly because of the warm waters and clear blue skies. It also offers amazing diving opportunities since it is a home to a range of underwater creatures.


Our Featured Hotels

Four Seasons Resort Hotel 

Located just minutes away from SOHO Square, Sharks Bay Beach and within easy reach of Jackson Reef.

7 nights, 2 adults from only £1613

Xperience Sea Breeze Resort 

Founded in January 2011 this Egyptian hospitality brand offers facilities with flair and regional expertise.

7 nights, 2 adults from only £491


But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Shark’s Bays offers a plethora of entertainment and activities for tourists and locals alike. So, whether you are coming here solo or in the company of friends and loved ones, you will surely find it relaxing with its warm and friendly atmosphere.

Things to Do

Apart from diving, there are a myriad of sights to see and explore. Mount Sinai is one of the places to visit, where St. Catherine’s Church, the oldest open church, is located. Children can enjoy the wildlife reserves as well as diving museums, not to mention a theme park.

It also offers an amazing nightlife for adults. You can head out to the casino or the nightclubs on Na’ama Bay or take a stroll in English cocktail bars and English pubs. If you want to feel relaxed after a day of touring, simply chill by the beach and watch the beautiful sunset.

Crystal clear waters, glorious underwater world, and a diversity of entertainment and activities, you will definitely enjoy your holiday in Shark’s Bay. And you shouldn’t forget going on a jeep safari that takes you to the splendid rivers and mountains along the Red Sea. So, what more can you ask for?