Sidari Holidays, Corfu

Boat moored and couple swimming at beach in Sidari, Greece
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Formerly a small fishing village, this picturesque spot on the northwest part of Corfu has transformed into a large and popular commercial resort that can easily accommodate 14,000 holidaymakers – a transformation that happened over the last three decades.


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Angelina Hotel & Apartments 

Located just a few meters away from the restaurants, supermarkets and bars and the famous Canal D’Amour.

7 nights, 2 adults from only £501

Hotel Mimosa

Close to the beach, giving you full access to Corfu’s shallow, turquoise waters and fine white sand beaches

7 nights, 2 adults from only £247



Sidari, Corfu is where you can discover an extensive collection of pubs, music or sports bars, and clubs – all of which are essential to the towns bustling nightlife scene. In such facilities, tourists can be treated to performances from professional magicians and hypnotists, a round of bingo and quizzes, or a chance to watch blockbuster movies and bet on football matches.

Aside from these, this beautiful Greek village also has an abundance of posh restaurants on its busy main strip and secluded coves where you get to enjoy some serenity. But if you’re up for a wet and wild adventure, Sidari’s main beach offers you chance to engage in a great lineup of water-based sports that includes water skiing, scuba diving, and para-sailing!

Among the most distinct attractions in Sidari is the Canal D’Amour or, literally, the ‘Channel of Love’. Besides its spectacular view of eroding sandstone cliffs that forms several tiny shingle and sand coves, it’s the superstition attached to this place that makes it quite a crowd drawer. Local folks say that anyone who manages to swim right along this body of water will soon meet the man or lady of his/her dreams.

After spending a day out on the beach, cap it off with a relaxing meal in any of the lovely dining facilities in Sidari. The scrumptious blend of Italian, British, Greek, Indian, and Mexican cuisine served in various local taverns and restaurants here will surely have your stomach grumbling for more.